September 6, 2011


Nawal is a versatile multimedia artist with bellydance at the forefront of her energies. A rebel soul in all she does, she has a unique and powerful style that draws people in. She has been described as “Mesmerizing, when she moves you cant take your eyes off her” – Princess Farhana of Hollywood

Nawal believes in making dance beautiful and accessible for all people who want to enjoy it:

“To me, we are teaching so much more than belly dance, (as a belly dance teacher) you’re a shrink, a doctor, a yoga teacher, and you are helping women become comfortable in their bodies and be in their truth, ‘bellydance’ is just the medium”. – Nawal

Nawal teaches finger cymbals (zils), muscular technique , American Tribal Style®, and Salimpour format bellydance. She is Certified  Level 3  Suhaila Salimpour Format and Level 3 in the Jamila Salimpour Format  , and is currently working towards her teaching certification in both formats. She is also a FatChanceBellyDance® ATS® teacher and Certified Sister Studio; the first person to bring authentic American Tribal Style to New Brunswick, Canada. (She has recently “retired” from Tribal Bellydance to focus on her work in the Salimpour Format.)

Nawal has had her work as a pioneer of west coast bellydance styles in eastern Canada recognized with much praise and support. She has received multiple provincial arts grants from ArtsNB in order to pursue her studies at the Suhaila Salimpour School of Bellydance in Berkeley, California.

She owned and operated her own studio, “Natural Moves”, dedicated to yoga and bellydance from 2010-2015. In 2015 she took her business model online and to onsite workshops.

Nawal is also an experienced yoga instructor with an E-RYT200 designation through YOGA ALLIANCE  specializing in YIN YOGA and KRIPALU YOGA, blending her own practice into classes. She is a also a member of the Psycadelic Rock Group WET GROW LIGHT, playing assorted  percussion, accordion, or belly dancing.


If you are interested in supporting Nawal’s work visit her PATREON page- where you can register for monthly subscription to choreography and other interesting stuff.


“Nawal’s performances and classes have been an amazing experience. She has brought a unique art to the area and shared it in the community, which has added more culture and complexity making the NB art scene more vibrant and lively. Her classes have offered a great options for self expression and inclusion in a way that works to build self esteem and a supportive environment to women.”– Rebecca Cuevas, student.

“I have had the great pleasure of learning bellydance from Nawal. Not only is she a brilliant dancer, she is a wonderful teacher. She teaches in a way that is easy to understand and fun to learn. Most importantly to me, she makes everyone in her classes feel welcome and comfortable regardless of skills or ability. I love her classes and will certainly take more in the future.” – Andrea Cyr, student.