Student Troupe

Over the years Nawal has built a good name for quality entertainment and instruction.She and her core student troupe are asked to perform at many local events (summer is our busy season) . She has helped to encourage some of her own students to become captivating dancers and crowd favorites. This year we have had  a lot of interest in students joining our performance troupe. If this is something you are interested in, here is the deal:

Our Troupe is versatile- we perform Classic Bellydance , American Tribal Style, and Salimpour Repertoire Ensemble… so we have a few dance style options for you to sharpen your performance chops.

***a note about jewelry: not all jewelry is appropriate for the vibe Maritime Tribal is cultivating- if you are unsure, just ask- but as a general rule NO bling-y, chrome-y,  cheap-y stuff.

** Current Members will be under review this fall- all current members must submit Raqs El Sagat Audition video by End of September to be considered for future public performance  and be working toward achieving Salimpour Level 1 Certification in the next 2 years 2017-2019 . Not Applicable for ATS **


**All ‘Student Troupe’ performances are presented as just that “student performance”. This is to create a clear expectation to the public that they are viewing students and not professionals- most student gigs are at other bellydance events or FREE public events- ***

For NEWBIES,there are 2 different Student troupe options for you- Classic Bellydance or American Tribal Style,  here are prerequisites:

Classic Bellydance Student Troupe

  • To have been been attending classes for a minimum of 6 months and to continue to attend classes, workshops  and scheduled practices (check with Nawal if you are ready)
  • To attend and support events produced by Maritime Tribal
  • Learn Nawal’s Min al Aswan choreography with finger cymbals
  • Learn Suhaila Salimpour’s Raqs El Sagat


  • Own Finger Cymbals
  • Black Maritime Tribal Slouchy Top
  • Basic Black Bottom of your choice- no piling or cat hair please.
  • OWN Balancing Prop- Sword or Pot (you’ll have time to prepare)
  • Dance Shoes

*we can help you source everything you need!

American Tribal Style (ATS) – Student Troupe

  • To have completed Level 1 twice & Level 2
  • To demonstrate proficient ability in  the movement concepts presented in Level 1 &2


  • Own Finger Cymbals
  • Black Maritime Tribal Slouchy Top
  • 25 yards skirt, any Color is ok!
  • Dance Shoes
  • Hair Flowers (at least 2)

American Tribal Style (ATS) – Advanced Troupe 

  • Currently Attending Regular Classes
  • Everything from Student Troupe List (see above)
  • x2 25 yard Skirts
  • Black Choli
  • Tribal Bra
  • Tribal Head Piece in addition to hair flowers
  • Hip Scarves
  • Dance Shoes
  • Big Tribal Jewelry

*we can help you source everything you need

ADVANCED TROUPE (Saint John Salimpour Collective)

This option is for long term students (2+ years) that show dedication to our school and bellydance generally.

Salimpour Repertoire Ensemble

  • Have Current Salimpour Level 1 Certification (anyone who doesn’t must prepare to test in the next 2 years)
  • To be attending regular classes/ understand and be familiar with Salimpour Format
  • Learn Nawal’s Min Al Aswan with Cymbals
  • Suhaila Salimpours Raqs el Sagat- Submit audition video by end September 2017


  • Salimpour Level 1 (Suhaila or Jamila)
  • Own Cymbals (upgrade to professional quality)
  • Assuit Dress Long Sleeve/ panels
  • Know how to do stage makeup
  • Black Push up Bra
  • Nice Belt
  • Dance Shoes

Here’s a list of current choreographies we know/perform:

  • Raqs El Sagat
  • Ismaouni
  • El Samer
  • Dark Veil
  • Pot Dance / with Sword
  • Princess of Cairo
  • Shams El Shamouseh

Any questions?? let me know