2018 Classes, Intensives and Workshop

October 30, 2017

2018 will be an exciting year of touring, travel and dance! I won’t be home as much to have as many weekly classes but have come up with some class formats that will work for BOTH of our busy lives.

I am working on my Suhaila Level 4 Certification which requires me in  California for one on one mentorship with the Legendary Suhaila Salimpour, as well as being part of the 50th-anniversary tour of Bal Anat for their 4 American tour dates. As a result, I will be away for large chunks of time and will be unable to offer a consistent class schedule without breaks. I have reflected HOW I can share my info with you and I think taking breaks lets us absorb what we truly know…

Weekly class in Saint John will be Wednesdays 7:30pm-9pm   and Thursdays will continue in Rothesay 7pm-810pm, Details to come-


This Comprehensive Bellydance Course will span 80 hours of class over 11 months and will culminate with an optional show at in December 2018 I am able to open this course to 15 Full-Time participants and a few A la carte workshops depending on availability.

We will solidify you working knowledge of Bellydance technique and steps, be given assignments and access to resources that allow you to study in your own time. Learn about bellydance and pop culture, women’s history, Music Theory and Cymbal drills.

We will work on Group Choreography as well as develop tools for you to build your OWN choreographies.

To be included in the group performance you must attend ALL of the rehearsals. Of course, people get sick and life happens, and we can always work on a one on one situations to make options that work for everyone …. Get in touch with any questions.

The Salimpour School of Bellydance will server as a resource for you: http://www.salimpourschool.com/resources/

SAINT JOHN-Sundays            MONCTON-Saturdays                 MIRAMICHI- Sundays

Jan14                                              Jan 20                                             Jan 21
Feb 18                                             Feb 24                                              Feb 25
Mar 11                                             Mar 24                                             Mar 25
April 8                                            April 14                                            April 15
May 6                                             May 12                                              May 13
June 17                                           June 9                                              June 10
July 7                                                July 8

August 26

Sept 16                                            Sept 29                                               Sept 30
Oct 28                                            Oct 13                                                Oct 14
Dec 2                                               Nov 17                                                Nov 18

Miramichi and Moncton yearend shows will be Amalgamated in Moncton-

Here is a Sample of the curriculum We will usually start the morning with drills-Lunch will ALWAYS be 130-3 based on Studio Availability. All to take place at Port City Dance Academy/The Studio Dance School in Saint John.

Alacarte options are available for the select class, Full Day students get priority.


If you want in for the Full Day Full  Year here’s the deal

Month to Month= $75

Bellydance Immersion- 1 Month


Pay for 3 months up front= $210 http://www.maritimetribal.com/product/immersion-2018-3-months/

Immersion 2018- 3 Months

Pay For the 1st half of the Year January  = $350 2nd payment due May Session =$350

Immersion 2018- Half Year Payment


Pay Full Year= $650 SAVE $175!http://www.maritimetribal.com/product/immersion-2018-full-year-payment/ 

Immersion 2018- FULL YEAR PAYMENT