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Stay at home mom please be my friend

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Stay at home mom please be my friend I Am Looking Sexual Partners

Oh, the poor, exhausted stay-at-home mother: The Stay at home mom please be my friend, resentful woman with a sink full of dirty dishes, a hamper full of grass-stained clothes, unhelpful husbandornery children and burned chicken.

Before you rip the electric sliding doors from your minivans and charge at me with sharp kitchen utensils because of that first controversial paragraph, please know that I, too, am a stay-at-home mom SAHM Horny single college girls, raised by a SAHM, and constantly surrounded by friends and family who are also SAHMs, so I have some authority on this subject.

I know what hone like to have a horrible day. I know what it's like to run a fever ofwith the intense desire to sleep, and still have to burp people and try to block out the shrieking sound of screaming toddlers.

I completely, utterly, wholly and thoroughly understand that being a SAHM is a stressful, selfless and never-ending job.

I believe it is easier to solve calculus problems whilst under the influence of Stay at home mom please be my friend drugs than it is to devote all of your time and energy to short people who rely on you for everything. I am beyond sick and tired of hearing SAHMs complain about their long resume of "chef, maid, chauffeur and bookkeeper all rolled into one! I, too, command all of those roles, and yet, I manage not to constantly sigh in disgust at my choice to care for my children or vent to anyone who will listen in the grocery store line about my unfulfilled life.

Instead of complaining about how weary, exasperated and annoyed you are with caring for your children and your spousereconsider for a moment that you are one of the most privileged species on Hot ladies looking sex tonight Sharonville planet.

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I have friends who choose to work and I have friends who must work. My friends who are required to clock in every day leave their children in the care of others while they solve the business world's problems.

They duck out of meetings to take a call from Mrs. Jones and discover that the baby just said her first word or took his first step.

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They hang their heads at cluttered desks because Staj missed so many precious milestones. I was pumping breast milk when I watched my son discover his toes for the first time as he sucked on them with slimy baby gums.

Stay at home mom please be my friend Ready Couples

I was sleep-deprived when I witnessed my daughter's first step, and her first plummet to the hardwood floor. Jones wasn't there. I was.

I am thankful that I have the option of wearing my pajamas until noon. I am thankful that I don't have to answer to some sleazy boss who tries to look down my blouse.

I am thankful that I dont have to rush home after a long day at work to thaw Stouffer's lasagna. I am thankful that I was the one to clean the baby diarrhea from the shag rug, Stwy bandage the boo-boo, to console colicky cries.

Many of those things weren't easy, and they sure weren't fun, but I'm thankful that I experienced them.

If you despise constantly being in the company of humans who drool, if you are completely unsatisfied and miserable and longing for a way out, then, pretty please with a cherry on top, get a job, volunteer, find a hobby, go out with the girls. Just stop knocking on my door with your greasy hair Stay at home mom please be my friend your caffeine withdrawals and sit at my kitchen table and try to convince me that your children are Satan's spawn and gripe that you had to clean Hot guy in black and 95682 three toilets today.

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I have a faithful husband, gorgeous and healthy children, a beautiful home, and I am fortunate enough to stay home and enjoy my blessings. Editor's Note: Read a stay-at-home mom's response to this article here. She didn't hold back. Follow Us. Sign in.

Now, I'd given that job up to be a stay-at-home-mother in North Carolina, a few hours down the I was on the phone with a friend in New York. “Please, dear barista, let's be best friends. But when you're a stay-at-home mom you're not heading to an office or professional adult. Please - if you don't use common sense here, you'll sink yourself before you start. How can I convince my mom to stay at my friend's house?.

Susannah B. FamilySelf October 1, Just be content or quit your whining. Click to view 15 images.

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Casey Mullins. Read Later. More juicy content from YourTango: We Heart It.